What’s Catalonia Pool Festival 2017

The Catalonia Festival of Pool has now been going for 7 years, each year we try to make it better by looking at what the players want but as we get more popular, more and more people come. We say people because a lot do not even bring a cue with them, they just want to attend the Festival and enjoy the company of friends while eating drinking and taking in the sun.

This is the third year we have been at the Hotel Palas and with all the reports we get it’s been a huge success, the rooms and venue are the best we have ever had and we are all delighted to sign with them for this year.

This year we will have all the same tables, Optima, all the same cloth Precision Hainsworth, Aramith Pro-Cup balls and the streaming will be even better, same list of main events with one extra added and that is another ladies event, sponsored by Nik Hammond.

For the people/players who are coming back, we do not have to tell you anything, for any new ones, all we can say is that we hope you enjoy the week, make new friends and come back in future, we are there, day or night to help you have a great time, yes there are pool competitions but the week is to enjoy life first and pool comes second.

The Three Amigos.