Catalonia Pool Festival 2023

Welcome to the 11th Catalonia Festival of Pool. A few changes from previous years we have informed you about. We are adding just a room rate for all those people that never rise for breakfast. Many of you over the years have taken B&B and for whatever reason, cannot get out of bed in time for breakfast?Anyone taking this option can still get breakfast, but it’s more expensive than booking it in advance.

It is also important to note the addition of over 50- and 60-year-old events. You all know we like to cater to all our supporters. Having just one over event for forty-year-old players we feel is unfair on, let’s say the older players who take part and don’t get far. So this year, players can choose which one they wish to enter but can only compete in one over event.

We have kept the guaranteed prize fund of 1500 euros for the over 40 event. However, we have added a guaranteed prize fund of 1000 for the over 50 event and a guaranteed prize fund of 750 for the over 60 event.

Please remember that players can only enter one of the above events.

Next the Second Open, again we are keeping this as a category open event with A B and C players but one major change to this event is of any player aged under 23 or over 40 enters the 125 challenge event, they cannot enter the second open, the reason again is to have different winners and players receiving prize money.

Also, the age group is significant as we have an under 23 and over 40 events, which means we could have players entering far too many events and holding up, with this, all players have a minimum of 3 singles events they can enter.

However, we are again guaranteeing the 4k prize fund for the 125 event. We are also doubling the guaranteed prize fund in the Under 23 event as well.

Next is the Alan McLaren Shootout, sponsored by Nik Hammond.Once again, we wish to thank Nik for his generous sponsorship as everyone wants to see the best players play in the Shootout.

The organizers have decided that as the festival is getting increasingly larger each year, more and more professional pool players want to attend and so from this year onwards only invited professionals can attend the festival. We are also limiting the number of players who attend each year to 250.

We set up the festival to make it a fun pool holiday, and it’s for this reason we have to limit the amount of players attending. People who have come year after year will always be the first to be asked to attend once again, and we will give these people a few weeks to book before opening the event up to everyone else. Last change is the non-refundable deposit; it’s now 75 euros for each person attending the event.

We hope you all understand these changes as we try to cater to everyone that attends our festival. Looking forward to seeing you all in sunny Catalonia!

The Three Amigos